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The latest epic in the Tom Cruise-led action franchise rightly challenges the phenomenon of artificial intelligence and how it impacts our lives.
With “Liquor Store Dreams,” So Yun Um examines racism among Korean people. The film also invites an uncomfortable discussion among Black audiences.
Carrie gets a dick pic, Charlotte solves Harry's bedroom problem and Che and Miranda manage their sexpectations.
Hollywood is putting a huge emphasis on remakes and trendy projects. But the purpose — and impact — of re-releasing older films deserves to be examined.
Here are several recipes that bring the flavors of summer to counter the scorching heat.
Charity Lawson takes one lucky suitor on an incredible date — and then hears that one contestant might not be there for the right reasons.
Ending with allegations of on-set toxic behavior in its wake, the brilliant Hollywood satire is a reminder that absolute morality is a myth.
The “Bachelor" franchise and other network TV shows could take a few notes from Black audiences.
"Mary Richards lived alone, shopped alone, slept alone. And she was fine, fulfilled and even happy."