You'll Thank Yourself For Bulk-Buying These 'Boring' Products On Sale During Prime Day

Paper towels and Depends may not be the sexiest purchases, but your bank account will benefit from stockpiling these practical goods while they're on major sale.
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Amazon Basics paper towels

While you might be currently eyeing some pricy beauty products on sale or even trying to knock out some early holiday shopping for your kids, there’s one category you shouldn’t overlook on Prime Day: totally boring-ass stuff like paper towels, batteries, cleaning supplies and sunscreen.

Luckily, in our exhaustive search of every conceivable worthwhile deal on Prime Day, we didn’t forget — and we actually hunted down some of Amazon’s top-selling home, household and personal care products for your bulk-buying convenience. While it might feel a little un-sexy adding cases of toilet paper to your cart today, your wallet is sure to thank you later.

Don’t forget to sign up for Amazon Prime to take the most advantage of these discounts. As a member, you’ll get benefits and deals on fast shipping, streaming TV and movies, grocery rewards, and so much more.

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A set of Aquaphor products (25% off)
A personal care product that you can never have too much of on hand, Aquaphor is ideal for everything from healing dry, cracked skin and even minor wounds to moisturizing your lips and face (see: slugging). Stock up on a bundle that features a keep-at-home jar and a smaller, portable tube that you can throw in your purse or luggage.

Promising review:
“Just like the headline. I guess there is a reason why many hospitals use it onto their patients - does a great job in locking moisture in. The price is a little on the higher side given it is just a moisuriser, but hey, it did work on my dry hands and they do last long - I only need small amt to cover a wide surface.” – Koeun L.
A 20-pack of AAA Duracell batteries (19% off)
Doesn’t get much more boring (or more practical) than a 20-pack of AAA batteries. You might not think twice about buying these, but your kids (and their toys) will thank you later on. They’re guaranteed to to last in storage for up to 12 years, so don’t hesitate to add several packages to your cart while they’re on sale.

Promising review: “I have bought these on many occasions, the date on them are very recent. You have to check in the stores when you go to buy them they may have been sitting on the shelf too long and you get old batteries.” – Michael G.
Clean Towels disposable face towels (20% off)
These soft disposable makeup-removing towels are a highly-rated option for anyone whose skin is sensitive to makeup wipes or reusable cleaning clothes and is looking for a fragrance-free and ultra-hygienic option. The extra-large towels come 50 to a box.

Promising review: “I've been using the reusable wash cloths for my evening skincare. I had assumed these towels would be harsh to use on my sensitive skin. I noticed my reusable cloths needed to be replaced and so I bought the travel pack of Skin Club Towels. I couldn't believe how soft and absorbent they were. They didn't irritate my skin at all, and because they are disposable I know they are clean and safe to use. As a rosacea girly, I'm picky about what I use on my face. Now that I've found these, I'm never going back!” — Paula Hogenmiller
Vital Proteins collagen peptide powder (36% off)
This powdered gluten-, dairy- and sugar-free collagen supplement is completely flavorless, blending easily into your morning beverage or smoothie. It contains hydrolyzed collagen peptides and is intended to promote the health of your hair, nails, skin, bones and joints.

Promising review: “Best collagen, best price. My boyfriend and I put a scoop in either our smoothie or BCCA every day when we go to the gym. No taste, not chalky, and I can see a difference in my skin elasticity and less wrinkles.” — Brooke
Amazon Basics tall kitchen drawstring trash bags (15% off)
These unscented 13-gallon garbage bags are about as basic as they come, and based on the 4.5-star rating, they seem to get the job done. Why not add two or three of these 120-count boxes to your cart and forget about having to buy trash bags for the rest of the summer?

Promising review: “These are the best bags ever! They are white, a beautiful pristine white, not some unattractive pale color like brown. They have a drawstring built in - amazing! I don't know how they do that but its super convenient. These are manly bags too, very strong and sturdy, tough and I can count on them to do the job. They hold lots of stuff too. Like garbage for one. And clothes like white robes and hoods. And other junk that needs to go to the incinerator like books and magazines. I've packed these babies completely full and never had one fail. You could even carry a load of fish in one if you like, since they don't leak so the fish will stay wet. If you are looking for a superior white trash bag these cannot be beat. I highly recommend them!!!” — RossV
Tide Free & Gentle laundry detergent pods (20% off)
These hypoallergenic, dermatologist-tested cleaning pods contain a trifecta of stain-fighting ingredients: a detergent, a stain remover and a color protector. A number of reviewers with sensitive skin were pleased with their purchase, and many chose the pods for ease of portability (in lieu of a cumbersome plastic jug).

Promising review: “Clean and clear products are a must for my family with our sensitive skin. I have never had any issues with Tide pods bursting during shipping as I have with many other brands. My clothes always smell and feel clean after washing with tide pods.” — Aw1618
A set of TruRemedy tea tree oil soap (26% off)
This antifungal body wash contains tea tree oil, a natural ingredient with known antibacterial properties that can help combat topical fungal infections like athlete’s foot. In addition to this potent antiseptic, this cleanser contains skin-loving ingredients like vitamins E and C and aloe vera.

Promising review:
“I have tinea versicolor and have struggled with it my entire adult life. Anti-fungal creams are expensive and it always seems to return so I thought I'd try this tea tree oil cleanser. I left it on my skin for 10 seconds as this gives the tea tree oil a chance to do it's thing. My skin feels soft and is still tingling 20 minutes after my shower. People complain that this is expensive but if it eliminates the need for anti-fungal cream and minimizes the need for body lotion as it moisturizes as well, it will be well worth it. The time I will save not having to apply lotions and anti-fungal cream on top of the monetary savings has got me very excited about this product.” — P. Dunn
Sun Bum Original SPF 50 sunscreen (20% off)
While we're all supposed to be slathering sunscreen on year-round, we bet your consumption will be at an all time high for the next few months, especially if you have beach- or pool-going kiddos in your life. This SPF 50 formula from Sun Bum is a classic, and it’s Hawaii Act 104 reef compliant — a designation meaning that it’s free from oxybenzone and octinoxate.

Promising review:
“I live in eastern Pennsylvania, even though we do not get a lot of sun when we do it can burn. I was having a hard time, finding a solid sunscreen for my child. After reaching out to some friends that live in the south, they brought this product to my attention.. so far so good we apply it before we get into the pool or water and it can seem to protect her all day. She is nine years old and we have not burnt since we have use this product. She has sensitive skin and it does not irritate her.” — Sarah S.
Miss Mouth's stain remover (with 20% off coupon)
Come for the adorable packaging but stay for the actually-effective stain-fighting power of this magical spray. The water-based formula promises to eradicate some of the greatest offenders — including grease and coffee — and is free of phosphates, sulfates, perfumes and dyes.

Promising review:
“I wish I would have taken a before picture but this onesie was the victim of a major blow-out today- I was almost going to just throw it out but I figured I’d see how this worked- I sprayed it on, agitated it a bit and then rinsed it in hot water- this is what it looks like! This picture is before I even put it through the washing machine. Very impressed and I love having a non-toxic stain remover in such a convenient spray bottle. This is a must-have not only for new parents but for anyone who needs a good stain remover!” — Amanda Sumerix
Depend Silhouette adult incontinence underwear (15% off)
This highly-rated women’s incontinence underwear is made from smoothing fabric that promises a discreet, non-bulky fit under clothing. The soft inner liner and flexible leg openings are designed for maximum comfort.

Promising review:
“Oma is 85 and needs the padding of the silhouette, the confidence it gives her and keeps the wet away from her. We use them at least twice a day on her and she loves her new ‘underwear.’” — Melodie Adinolfi
Schick Hydro Silk dermaplaning razors (37% off)
Reviewers love these frankly adorable little razors for removing stray eyebrow hairs and peach fuzz and gently exfoliating skin.

Promising review: “I’ve tried the monthly subscriptions for the Jill facial razor, the hot shave facial razor, you know the more pricey viral Tik tok razors and they don’t get the job done like this tool for less than half the price. With the 'prettier, popular' dermaplanning tools, I had to tug on my face to get a little piece of peach fuzz off. After trying this for the first time last night I was so satisfied during the process lol. I could legit see the peach fuzz and dead skin fall off which is what I’ve been wanting for like a year now trying all dermaplanning tool brands. This is the best by far and I’ll continue to buy it. I already cancelled my monthly subscription to Jill and the Skinny Confidential’s replacement razors - that’s how satisfied I was after one use.” — Caroline
Physician's Choice 60 billion CFU probiotics (21% off)
If you’re looking to stock up on probiotics, these 60 billion CFU tablets are a popular choice among Amazon shoppers. They’re also packed with prebiotics derived from Jerusalem artichoke and chicory root, and each bottle contains 30 capsules that don’t need to be refrigerated.

Promising review: “My doctor recommended I take a probiotic because some of my maintenance meds give me diarrhea. The brand she mentioned wasn't available at Amazon, so I tried Physician's Choice at random. Within a few days my bowel movements began to be better formed. (I also increased my fiber intake--but I'm not very consistent with the diet change.) I take one capsule per day and have just made my second order. I gave only four stars because I'm waiting to evaluate long-term effects, but I'm quite satisfied.” — PRTranslator
24 rolls of Presto two-ply toilet paper (15% off)
While it’s not the most glamorous thing to shop for, there’s a reason this is one of Amazon’s best-selling household items: Everyone goes. (FYI, if you’re looking to make the switch to a bidet, Tushy is running some Prime Day discounts.) Stock up on 24 rolls (or more) of this unscented 2-ply toilet paper from Amazon’s brand of paper goods.

Promising review: “Soft and well priced. I studied all of them for roll size and price comparisons and it's easy to lose your mind trying to judge among them. I deviated from Presto and tried Costco... no! Don't do it! It's harsh and rough. I'll stick with my nice soft Presto.” — Just Me
Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patch blemish remover (13% off)
Thousands upon thousands of reviewers sing the praises of these petite hydrocolloid patches that magically absorb the gunk out of zits overnight. Stock up on a few of these 36-count packages so you’ll always have blemish relief on hand. The brand is also offering a coveted variety pack for 30% off.

Promising review: “Wow! These work very well. I haven't had a pimple in maybe a decade, so when I got one, I didn't have anything on hand. It looked like this pimple wasn't going to come to a head for a long time, but when I tried the patch, the pimple was gone by morning. Years ago , I tried a differen it pimple patch product and it really dried out and irritated the skin under the patch, and then I had to dehydrate and avoid scratching it, until it healed. That DOES NOT happen with these patches, these patches shrink the pimple but preserve the skin around the pimple. Excellent product.” — CaitieRose
The Honest Company compostable 99% water wipes (30% off)
Whether or not you have young kids at home, there are a variety of reasons to keep these popular (and newly compostable, according to the brand) baby wipes at home. They’re approved for sensitive skin by the National Eczema Association and are made with 99% water. The wipes are also free of plastic, fragrances, parabens and alcohol.

Promising review “I tried several other brands of wipes, and I find that the Honest brand is the best in terms of quality and price. I feel the wipes have a thicker feel to them, and are slightly larger too. Almost every time I clean a diaper, I only need to use one wipe to get the job done. That makes me very happy!” — Aaron

Promising review: “I’m 26 and I use these. I bought these because the EWG app says they’re formula doesn’t contain any chemicals that are linked to health concerns. I use them in the bathroom, to clean my makeup away, for a quick spot clean if I spill something. I LOVE a clean formula product.” — katey
A set of 5 Beakey makeup blending sponges (54% off)
A long-beloved doppelganger for a much pricier makeup sponge, Beakey’s colorful egg-shaped blending sponges are a delight to behold — and according to reviewers, just as pleasant to use.

Promising review:
“When gainfully employed, I didn’t cringe (much!), spending $20 for one makeup sponge. Love retirement, but can no longer justify that kind of money for a product when quality exists at a lower price point. These are wonderful little sponges . . . . . very dense, tightly packed, but easy to clean. And since it’s much easier to throw away a less expensive makeup sponge, I probably won’t keep multiplying germs on a sponge that costs too much to throw away.” — Baroque
12 rolls of Amazon Basics 2-Ply paper towels (17% off)
Another no-brainer purchase is this 12-pack of highly-rated paper from Amazon Basics. Each roll features 150 2-ply sheets, and reviewers say they get the job done for the right price.

Promising review: “I usually get the super absorbent paper towels, but these days they are getting to be so expensive! I simply can't spend $40 on paper towels, so I was drawn in by these ones. For practically less than 20$ you get 12 rolls, I believe. They are thinner for sure in comparison, but for quick wipe ups etc these will do the trick. Honestly, it's just nice knowing I have many rolls in the closet and didn't have to dip into my retirement to get them.” — Lindsay
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