Bank of America is also being ordered to pay penalties for withholding reward bonuses and opening some accounts without customer consent.
Prosecutors said the grocer spread “false and misleading information” about the union and punished workers for trying to wear union pins.
The grocer argues it’s entitled to any profits made from Trader Joe’s United’s tote bags and mugs.
Small modular reactors could deliver carbon-free energy to a warming world -- unless they're actually a distraction from better approaches.
The two sides have until the end of July to reach a deal and avoid a historic work stoppage. acquired the bankrupt retail chain’s intellectual property assets for $21.5 million and is dumping its name online.
Unless you work at a coal-fired power plant, last year was a great time to be employed in the American energy industry.
A strike could have far-reaching implications for workers, and for the overall economy.
The bank was accused of loaning Epstein money even though it knew about his sex trafficking practices. The bank denied this.
The grocer terminated an 18-year veteran, purportedly for leaving a jigsaw in the back of the store. It was "a blatant act of retaliation," the union says.