The country is poised for record-high consumption of natural gas.
The disaster trapped residents in homes, closed roadways and choked streets and businesses with mud and debris.
Although destructive flooding in the U.S., India, Japan, China and Turkey may seem like distant events, scientists say they have one thing in common -- and it may get worse.
"the cat i’m watching rn screams whenever i get too close to her and also whenever i get too far away and i am suddenly feeling a lot of empathy for my ex boyfriends"
The ancient mammal was born at the Los Angeles Zoo and was housed at the Racine Zoo in Wisconsin before coming to the Ellen Trout Zoo in June 2008.
The lights are visible up to 600 miles away under clear conditions.
Hundreds of divers and snorkelers listened to an underwater concert that advocated coral reef protection in the Florida Keys.
The hiker illegally brought a shotgun into the Canadian park and claimed he acted out of fear when he shot and wounded the bear from about 100 feet away.
Many hoped that Tuffy, a red-tailed hawk bird-napped by an eagle mother, would remain a member of the family.