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"If my own teacher had been forced to use the tactics that I was forced to use, I wouldn’t be here writing this."
"I longed to be thin and beautiful, much like the girls who were leaving my church to attend [Gwen Shamblin's Remnant Fellowship]."
"The first time I had to say the word 'penis' out loud in the recording booth, I laughed. I giggled like a teenager in sex ed class."
"My family is used to my strange requests, but this one was just too weird."
"It was a recurring motif in my life where I cast myself as a supporting character in the narratives of creative, charismatic, misunderstood men."
"I have to admit that some of the joy I used to feel for this project has been replaced by anger."
"When I was 16, I fled the war in my native Bosnia and was fortunate to find refuge in the United States."
"I hoped that affirmative action could create a pathway for someone who looks like my son to gain access to the elite college campuses that have traditionally excluded us."
"Our parents are the people we’re supposed to love and trust the most. To have no contact with them? Inconceivable."
"I longed to speak with certainty like the other moms. They laughed about shipping their kids to college early, but I wasn’t even sure we’d make it to middle school."