Our Values

Founded by Farmers

We love rich, black dirt. And tall green stalks of popcorn soaking up the sun on a warm August day. Raising this special crop is truly our passion. Our four “founding farmers” have collectively harvested more than 100 crops of popcorn. Led by these experienced farmers, we share the best agronomy practices with each other and work collaboratively to raise the best popcorn in the world.

Grounded in Integrity

We believe that every decision we make, every action that drives us forward – be it big or small – must be made with honesty and integrity. We choose – always – to do the next right thing. Because Preferred Popcorn is bigger than any one of us – it’s about all of us – working together to provide safe, healthy, and delicious food, to offer good salaries and meaningful growth opportunities, and to constantly improve our agronomy and manufacturing practices to create better soil and cleaner air and water. 

Driven by Quality

Nothing makes us happier than delivering a load of premium popcorn kernels on time and according to specifications. We’re proud of the popcorn we produce and fiercely protective of the trust our customers invest in us. There is no shortcut to a high-quality product. We invest heavily in state-of-the-art grain storage and processing equipment and hold meticulous standards to ensure the highest levels of food safety and quality assurance. We currently hold an A rating with BRC at both facilities and are certified Kosher, Halal, Organic, Gluten-Free, and by the Non-GMO Project.

Innovative by Nature

We are solution-focused. As farmers, we have a lot of practice working through Nature’s ebbs and flows, ups and downs, rains and droughts. We love the challenge of finding new, better ways to do things, and are constantly looking for opportunities to learn and grow. And the truth is, we are a little geeky. Modern technology allows us to use GPS mapping to reduce water usage, add microbes to the soil to reduce synthetic nitrogen application, measure bin temperature and popcorn moisture in our “climate-controlled” bins, and even use a “flame” implement to burn up early emerging weeds.