“I think they are ready to go,” said Ty Cobb, who served in the Trump White House.
Andrew Weissmann sees right though the new maneuver by the former president's attorneys.
"I just speak hard truths," the GOP presidential candidate told Fox News' Neil Cavuto.
Fox's stunning change in tone on the 2024 Republican candidate is laid bare in "The Beat with Ari Melber" montage.
Critics say churches that engage in politics should lose their tax-exempt status.
The Florida governor revealed what he'll do if he doesn't win the Republican 2024 presidential nomination.
The state's Republican governor said she would sign the bill on Friday.
The former New Jersey governor, a rival for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination, slammed Trump's handling of dictators.
The government said new evidence shows Trump's statements are related to "a purely personal incident," not his duties as president.
“You carved out a win-win situation," Sen. Ron Johnson told PGA Tour officials.