These Practical Things Are Majorly On Sale For Amazon Prime Day

Now’s the time to stock up on household items, kitchen goods, electronics and the everyday essentials you’ve been meaning to buy — all at a major discount.
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Everyone loves a product that they will get a lot of use out of. And when that item happens to be on sale at major discount, that’s even better. Amazon’s long-awaited Prime Day event has one of the largest selections of practical goods that will quickly pay for themselves in usefulness alone.

Through Wednesday, July 12, you can save on everyday items like ergonomic laptop stands, internet-famous cleaning solutions, kitchen gadgets and helpful tech items that are sure to add a lot of convenience to your life.

Scroll on to find the best Prime Day deals or shop the entire sale for yourself.

Don’t forget to sign up for Amazon Prime to take the most advantage of these deals. As a member, you’ll get benefits and deals on fast shipping, streaming TV and movies, grocery rewards, and so much more.

HuffPost may receive a share from purchases made via links on this page. Every item is independently selected by the HuffPost Shopping team. Prices change quickly on Prime Day, but our team is working to keep stories as up-to-date as possible. Keep checking back to see the latest pricing and product updates as deals rotate.

Keurig K-Express coffee maker (38% off)
Keurig has cornered the market of single-serve coffee makers, and this slimmed-down model is a great option for smaller kitchen spaces. It has a multiple cup reservoir in the back to prevent you having to refill the water each time you use it, and a multi-stream brewing system extracts more flavor.
Manelord phone stand with speaker (43% off)
Built with an anti-skid bottom, an adjustable viewing arm and a crystal clear Bluetooth speaker, this phone stand is the perfect addition to your desk set up and can be used to watch movies or answer video calls.
Aquaphor healing ointment set (25% off)
Aquaphor's revered advanced therapy skin protectant is ideal for of a number of skin care needs, such as wound healing, cracked cuticles, chapped lips and facial moisture. This water-free ointment helps to create a protective yet breathable barrier on the skin.
Black+Decker Advanced Clean Dustbuster (33% off)
This classic Dustbuster by Black+Decker has over 68,300 five-star ratings on Amazon and uses cyclonic action to spin dust and debris away from the filter, supplying consistently strong suction power. The rotating slim nozzle is great for fitting into tight spaces at different angles, and two included attachment tools allow for greater cleaning versatility.
iRobot Roomba vacuum (45% off)
Get the mighty little robot vacuum that cleans any room all by itself. This self-charging Roomba 692 version has wifi connectivity capabilities and works with Alexa, and it can suck up pet hair, crumbs, dirt, and other unwanted floor messes that you probably have missed.
Apple iPad 10th Generation (12% off)
The Apple iPad is a genius invention because it's like carrying a mini laptop with you anywhere you go. As it turns out, the 10th Generation model is up for grabs at 15% off — which means a 10.9-inch liquid retina display, all-day battery life, and super fast Wi-Fi is within reach at a stellar deal. Note only the 256 GB model is on sale for Prime.
Stone & Beam loveseat sofa (19% off)
If your living room is in need of a new seating situation, this aptly-sized loveseat (perfect for smaller spaces) is a hot-ticket home item. It's plushy, overstuffed, durable, and the stain-resistant fabric is perfect for wiping away any accidental spills or crumbs. Best of all, no assembly is required and it comes with a three-year warranty.
Crest 3D Whitestrips (35% off)
Talk about practical — who doesn't want whiter, healthier-looking teeth? Lucky for Prime shoppers, Crest Whitestrips are currently 35% off for Prime Day. The brand touts that a simple application of these safe, dentist-approved stain remover to your current chompers every day will result in a more brilliant smile in 22 days.
3-pack iPhone fast charger (70% off)
No need to stress about your Apple devices running low on juice — this three-pack of fast chargers will swiftly get your battery charged so you're never fully in the red. These phone chargers are Apple MFi Certified and are compatible with almost any newer-model iPhone 12 through iPhone 14.
SAMSUNG The Frame TV (up to 34% off)
Is it a picture frame? Is it a television? With SAMSUNG's The Frame, it's actually both — when you're not watching a movie or a show, this smart TV with Alexa built-in turns into a magnificent picture frame with your choice of a matte or glossy finish. Consider it an artful way to elevate your living space.
Dyson Cyclone vacuum (17% off)
Lightweight, portable and versatile, this cordless multi-surface vacuum by Dyson has three cleaning modes that are optimized for whatever cleaning task you ask of it. It offers up to 60 minutes of cleaning time per charge and has an advanced whole-machine filtration system that traps 99.99% of unwanted particles and expels cleaner air. The anti-tangle conical brush bar removes long hair and pet hair from a number of surfaces, and the vacuum comes with five different attachments and Dyson accessories.
Hilife travel steamer (23% off)
This lightweight and travel-ready clothing steamer can breathe new life into clothes, whether you're on the go or right at home. It has a nine-foot power cord and a 250-ml water tank, allowing for up to 15 minutes of continuous penetrative de-wrinkling power.
Soda Stream sparkling water maker bundle (40% off)
Make your own soda and sparkling water at home with the energy-efficient SodaStream. This bundle contains three BPA-free, reusable and dishwasher-safe bottles for your carbonated beverages, as well as two carbonation canisters. You also get two Bubly flavor drops in lime and cherry.
Dreo oscillating tower fan (19% off)
Designed with an acoustic airflow system that minimizes motor noises, this 42-inch, bladeless tower fan claims to provide more cooling air than your standard blade fan and offers six different speeds and four operation modes.
Six Muxa lightning charging cables (62% off)
Certified to be compatible with all of your Apple devices, these cables are nylon woven for ultra durability and are made from highly pure and thick copper wires that offer the fastest charging time possible.
The Nespresso Vertuo coffee and espresso machine (35% off)
The Nespresso Vertuo quickly and conveniently makes single-serving barista-level beverages like lattes and iced coffees without having to fuss with loose beans or messy grounds. In order to get the best in-cup taste, Vertuo’s precision brewing technology automatically detects the optimal pressure level, temperature and brewing time needed for the type of Nespresso aluminum coffee capsule used.
Brita water filter pitcher (35% off)
This large-capacity Brita water pitcher is made with a BPA-free plastic and can filter and hold up to 10 cups of water at a time. This deal also comes with one replacement filter that uses a patented 4-component filtration system that is said to remove 99% of contaminants like lead, cadmium and asbestos from tap water.
LifeStraw personal water filter (40% off)
This portable filtering straw has stood up to rigorous lab testing protocols for water filters and is a must-have for frequent hikers and campers. The micro-filtration membrane removes 99.99% of all waterborne bacteria, parasites and micro-plastics and will provide 4,000 liters of fresh drinking water in its lifespan.
Jackery Explorer 240 portable power station (44% off)
Avid campers, survivalists and people who like to stay prepared will be thrilled to have this highly reviewed power station in their possession. The portable Jackery Explorer 240 can charge devices on the go or in a power outage and operate electric camping essentials. It uses a completely silent rechargeable lithium battery and can also be charged with Jackery solar panels (sold separately).
Swedish reusable dishcloths (16% off)
These Swedish dishcloths are a beloved eco-conscious alternative to paper towels made from super absorbent cellulose and cotton material that becomes soft to the touch when wet, and gritty enough for scouring when dry. These reusable and biodegradable cloths are completely machine-washable and great for drying dishes, cleaning countertops and more, since they are compatible with virtually any surface.
Two Casper original pillows (30% off)
Supportive, plush and ultra-comfortable, this pair of standard pillows by Casper, a cult-favorite sleep brand, are packed with a microfiber fill. They also have removable, 100% cotton and machine-washable covers made with a breathable percale weave for a cooling sleep.
Bentgo 4-compartment lunchbox (30% off)
This thoughtfully designed bento-style lunchbox features four separate leak-proof compartments when using the adjustable and removable divider. Made with BPA-free plastic and rubber-coated edges, the box is microwave and dishwasher safe and the compartment tray easily separates for quick cleanup.
Blueair end table air purifier (30% off)
Blueair's trusted air purification technology means this end table-style purifier can quickly clean rooms up to 1,017 square feet. It uses charged stainless steel pre-filters that attract and trap particles as well as a HEPA filter (the kind used in hospitals) to capture and filter out as many undesired particles as possible. You can choose from multiple run settings as well as track your air quality in real time using the Blueair app.
Bissell Little Green carpet and upholstery cleaner (30% off)
Possibly one of the most adored Bissell products on the market, this portable and multi-purpose carpet and upholstery cleaner has close to 47,000 five-star-ratings on Amazon and effectively removes tough stains through a combination of suction and spraying power. Plus, you don’t have to worry about manually cleaning the scrubbing stain tool, as it has a self-cleaning function to save you time and effort.
Fullstar 6-in-1 veggie chopper (20% off)
This BPA-free 6-in-1 chopping tool makes hovering over a cutting board a thing of the past thanks to its versatile collection of attachments, which include everything from a mandolin to a dicer to a blade for julienning vegetables and more. Each part of this chopper is dishwasher-safe for easy clean up and it can also double as post-chopped veggie storage.
Keurig descaling kit (55% off)
Keurigs are prone to mineral buildup and other residue that can affect the taste and quality of your coffee. This descaling kit comes with a three-month supply of descaling solution and water filter cartridges that ensure your Keurig is operating at peak performance.
Simpli-Magic spin mop cleaning system (15% off)
Suitable for virtually any type of hard floor surface, this spin mop kit features three reusable and machine-washable microfiber heads that attach to the extendable wand. The cleverly designed bucket features a foot-controlled spin system so you can wring your mop between rinses, without getting your hands dirty.
A 4-pack of Hanes essential T-shirts (46% off)
A wardrobe essential, these men's tees by Hanes are made with 100% midweight cotton and feature a classic crew neck fit. You can get these in sizes S-4X and in a variety of colors — not all of which are discounted for Prime.
Instant Pot 7-in-1 air fryer (33% off)
This 10-quart air fryer does all the work of your conventional oven while offering faster cooking times than standard convection ovens. The Instant Pot Vortex Plus has a 7-in-1 functionality that allows you to air fry, bake, roast, rotisserie and more, all at the touch of a button. And like all Instant Pot air fryers, a top-down air flow technology ensures evenly crisp foods every time.
A 4-piece set of hotel sheets (41% off)
This 4-piece set of soft brushed microfiber sheets feature deep pockets on the fitted sheet and are cooling to the touch. You can get this soft set in 45 colors and prints, for mattresses twin through California king.
Tile Bluetooth tracker (35% off)
Slide this thin waterproof Bluetooth tag into your suitcase, wallet or purse so you never lose your valuables ever again. Through the Tile app on your smart phone, you can track valuables up to 250 feet away and see past locations when your item is out of Bluetooth range. You can also set up notifications if your item has been found, as well as sound alerts.
Rocketbook smart reusable notebook (20% off)
The Rocketbook endlessly reusable notebook comes with 36 pages containing space for goal setting, listing, sketching and note-taking using the included Pilot Frixion pen that bonds to the notebook's specialized composite paper. Before wiping the pages clean with a microfiber cloth (also included), you can scan and upload all your written content using the Rocketbook app and save it to the cloud service of your choice.
Zojirushi rice cooker (33% off)
Make the perfect rice every time with this 3-cup computerized rice maker that features multiple menu selections like keep warm and re-heat cycles. The cooker also lets you set rice cooking preferences and pre-programmed options for the type of rice that you are cooking. Plus, this thing is really adorable on your kitchen counter.
Philips Sonicare 7500 electric toothbrush (39% off)
According to Phillips Sonicare, this electric sonic toothbrush can remove up to 10 times more plaque than manual brushing, even in harder-to-reach places like along the gum line and in between teeth. It features four personalized cleaning modes like deep clean, whitening and gum mode, and it also indicates how long you should spend brushing each area to avoid over-brushing. A pressure sensor notifies you when you are pressing too hard, making this a great option for people with gums that are sensitive or prone to recession.
Shark Navigator Lift-Away vacuum (50% off)
Using powerful suction and swivel steering, the Shark Navigator can deep-clean multiple surfaces, and a brush-roll shut-off feature allows you to instantly switch from deep carpet cleaning to gentle bare floor cleaning. It has a detachable pod and nozzle for cleaning upholstery or beneath furniture, and a HEPA filter trap dust and allergens inside the vacuum cleaner.
Kasa smart plug 4-pack (30% off)
Kasa's smart plug system allows you to integrate all your smart home platforms while also monitoring your energy usage. Schedule timers, turn devices on and off and more, all from your phone or with voice commands.
iWalk portable charger (39% off)
This portable charging bank delivers lightning fast charging power to most iPhone models. Lightweight and ultra-compact, this charger also features a digital display so you can keep tabs on the amount of power it has left.
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