30 Amazon Prime Day Deals That Our Editors Recommend

At this point, it feels like we've seen every darn thing on Amazon. Here's what we're actually buying for ourselves today.

For those of us who cover shopping, Amazon’s Prime Day sale is like the Olympics. We spent weeks leading up to July 11 and 12 training for the big event — i.e, combing Amazon for the best possible deals, highest-rated discounts, and lowest-ever prices — and now the final day is here. It’s time to make some purchases before the deals end at midnight!

Throughout this intense warmup period, it’s inevitable that we come across an item (or several) that we add to our own carts in anticipation of hitting “buy it now” on the big day — which, we’re happy to say, has arrived.

Ahead, check out the Amazon Prime Day deals that we think are so spectacular, we’re actually buying them for ourselves.

Don’t forget to sign up for Amazon Prime to take the most advantage of these discounts. As a member, you’ll get benefits and deals on fast shipping, streaming TV and movies, grocery rewards, and so much more.

HuffPost may receive a share from purchases made via links on this page. Every item is independently selected by the HuffPost Shopping team. Prices change quickly on Prime Day, but our team is working to keep stories as up-to-date as possible. Keep checking back to see the latest pricing and product updates as deals rotate.

Apple AirPods 2nd generation (30% off)
"For a while, I used cheap knockoff wireless headphones but I recently stepped it up to the OG AirPods. Unlike the off-brand ones, AirPods use the same charger as my cellphone, meaning one less cord to lose, and they'll automatically connect with my phone and work computer, saving me time and the stress of screaming at the Bluetooth pairing. Also, real AirPods have up to a 24-hour battery life and are Siri-enabled." — Griffin Wynne, shopping writer
A portable car jump starter that can also charge my Macbook (38% off)
"Getting stranded with a dead battery is the worst, whether it's your car or your work laptop. This 3,000-amp portable car jump starter is only about the size of a flip-flop, but — unlike some viral 'chic' jump starters — it actually has enough power to start a fully dead battery on vehicles with gas engines up to 10 liters or diesel engines up to 8 liters. And unlike typical car power inverters, this actually has the wattage to charge a modern laptop like my MacBook, and a USB-C outlet to make it happen. This is a very rare combo for portable jump starters, so it's worth snatching up! Best of all, it can hold a single charge for up to 24 months, so it'll be there for me when I need it and much faster than AAA. It's got a 4.5 out of 5 star rating, which is pretty darn good for something I'll be depending on in a pinch." — Janie Campbell, HuffPost Life senior editor
Coleman sun shade (19% off)
“Everybody can use some shade at the beach, from sleepy toddlers to overheated adults. I can already think of a thousand other uses for this portable SkyShade canopy from Coleman, too, from avoiding sunburn at weekend soccer tournaments to having extra cover while hanging in the park. It has UPF 50+ UV protection, sets up in mere minutes thanks to its pre-attached poles and offers convenient loops for hanging wet towels and bathing suits as well as cargo pockets for storing belongings and stashing sunscreen. Coleman says that despite being lightweight, it will stay put in wind thanks to its seven stakes and the three built-in sandbags, so I'm excited to grab this at a discount.” — Campbell
Bioderma Sensibio micellar water (30% off)
"Without fail, every single Prime Day I stock up on Bioderma Sensibio micellar water. This French pharmacy cult-fave is a staple in my beauty routine and has been for years. It easily dissolves makeup, grime and any muck that has settled onto my skin without stripping its natural moisture barrier or leaving a film of grease afterwards. It’s the cleanest-feeling makeup remover I’ve ever experienced, and my highly sensitive, reactive skin feels nourished and soothed upon use. Reviewers note that it’s also great for tweens and teens, since it’s gentle and nourishing for acne-prone skin and doesn’t have loads of harsh ingredients." — Lourdes Avila Uribe, senior shopping writer
Bose QuietComfort 45 wireless headphones (40% off)
"My partner has these popular and highly-rated noise-cancelling headphones, and judging by how she ignores me and sleeps peacefully on long-haul flights, I can attest to their effectiveness and comfortability. I've been itching to get my hands on a pair for myself, and my time has finally come. They're a great alternative to earbuds, easy to use, comfy and chic. I love that they can be used with Bluetooth to wirelessly connect to devices and that they are also compatible with wired devices, like airplane TV screens." — Uribe
Hilife portable garment steamer (23% off)
“Despite being a fairly fastidious person, it had never occurred to me to purchase a handheld garment steamer (I was raised in an ironing board household). But last summer I ordered my own and I now use it near-weekly and never go out of town without it.

One of my favorite features is that it has a nine-foot cord, so I can use it with ease in hotel rooms where outlets are scarce, and in my ancient apartment that was wired in a device-free era.

The steamer holds 240 ml of water, which adds up to about 15 minutes of continuous steaming — a must if you have multiple items to work on. It is powerful enough to work on heavy-duty fabrics like wool, but is gentle enough for more delicate summer fabrics, like silk, satin, chiffon, cotton, linen and more.” — Uribe
Amazon Basics puppy pee pads (20% off)
"They're not glamorous, but these pee pads are at the top of my list. My senior dog, Maeby, can't hold it long enough to go outside anymore, and these are an absolute lifesaver. I get the XL size so she has a wide berth and find that they're super strong, sturdy and extra-absorbent. I'm stocking up now because they're the best way to prevent accidents down the line. Best of all, each pack comes with 150 pads, so I'm covered for a fair bit of time." — Uribe
A pack of three USB-C lighting iPhone chargers (70% off)
“One thing about me: I need a phone charger in every room of my house. To get the most bang for your buck, I'd recommend this pack of three USB-C wall charging blocks and lighting charger cords. Reviews say they change your devices extra fast and are well worth the affordable price tag.” — Griffin Wynne, shopping writer
A set of 100 Magna-Tiles (31% off)
“I recently babysat for my neighbors who are both achingly chic architects who buy their kids the coolest toys I’ve ever encountered. My favorite thing was this set of clear, colorful, thin magnetic tiles that you can use to build structures, castles, stuffed animal forts or anything else your mind can think of. They’re super easy to clean up, but they also look kind of nice when they’re out on the floor, like sea glass or something. I was almost embarrassed at how much fun I had with them until the architects came home and said they play with the tiles without their kids around. Get a set for the little and not so little ones in your life, you won’t regret it.” — Wynne
A double pack of Aquaphor (25% off)
“If you, too, are blessed with sensitive dry skin and no patience for a skin care routine, you likely already know the power of gentle universal ointments that you can put all over your body. The timeless classic Aquaphor needs little introduction, but I love this set that comes with a bigger tub to keep at home for scooping out and covering your entire body and a smaller travel tube that you can throw in a bag or your car to keep your lips, elbows, hands and everything else nourished when you’re out and about. I also like to use it to slick my eyebrows back a bit when I’m trying to have a Brooke Shields moment.” — Wynne
An acupressure mat and pillow (15% off)
“In my dream world I would have a live-in acupuncturist who could relieve the rock-like tension that forms in my neck and back daily. In this life, I have an acupressure mat and pillow (much like this set) that’s full of little spikes that reach all sorts of pressure points, giving you relief from stiffness and pain. You can put it on the floor and lie directly on it, you can have it on your couch or chair and you can even walk on it to loosen any tension in your feet.” — Wynne
Bentgo Kids five--compartment lunchbox (30% off)
"I love these Bentgo lunch boxes for packing school lunches. The compartments are a nice size for kids and they make packing lunches feel like less of a chore; I have a system for which types of food goes where, and my kids especially love that little circle in the center for dip or a fun treat. They can also open it themselves, which is a win! Plus, it comes in a bunch of colors." — Ashley Rockman, HuffPost Life senior editor
Nanit Pro smart baby monitor and stand (34% off)
"In the vast, vast world of baby gear and recommendations, this baby monitor stands out. I previously used others that don't hold a candle to the Nanit; you can see your kid from anywhere — with no distance restriction! — using your phone as the viewing screen. Plus, it provides additional insights like how long your baby slept for, which is helpful in the early months. I prefer the option with the flex stand instead of the wall mount because it allows you to take the Nanit with you on vacation as well; all you have to do is connect to the WiFi and boom, you're watching your baby from anywhere in the world (which is comforting when using a babysitter in a new location)." — Rockman
Zamat neck and shoulder Relaxer (50% off)
"I admit I don't have the most ergonomic set-up when working from home. That, plus lifting heavy kids all day, means my neck, shoulders and back often don't feel great at the end of the day. I found this neck and shoulder relaxer on Amazon when researching pillows one day and decided to give it a whirl — wow, it really does help! I also find it relaxing to lay on for 10 minutes at a time (that's what's recommended) and decompress; it might be a nice time to listen to a guided meditation as well, or some music you enjoy." — Rockman
NanoSteamer 3-in-1 facial steamer (38% off)
"Like most people I don’t really have the time (nor the funds) to head to a spa every time I want to reap the skin care benefits of a good facial steaming session, so this at-home facial steamer definitely wound up in my shopping cart this week. Using a heating element and a sonic water vaporizer, this device claims to produce nano steam with negatively charged ionic particles that makes the steam more effective at penetrating the skin. They say this means your complexion is more hydrated, pores become easier to unclog and your skin care products can penetrate deeper. You can also use the NanoSteamer to act as a humidifier in a bedroom or to make removing makeup easier." — Tessa Flores, shopping writer
LinenSpa gel-infused memory foam mattress topper (30% off)
"Last November, I spoke with spine specialists about the benefits of mattress toppers, especially if your current mattress isn’t meeting your comfort needs. Our conversation was enough of a reason to invest in this topper by Linenspa, which is one of the highest rated options on Amazon and one of the most affordable. I like that it’s infused with a gel-injected memory foam intended to help you sleep cool while also relieving pressure points. Like most memory foam materials, the plush 2-inch surface conforms to and supports the body’s curves and can also help minimize motion transfer – a must for sleeping next to my partner who has a tendency to toss and turn at night." — Flores
Olaplex No.7 bonding oil (20% off)
"I am most certainly stocking up on Olaplex’s No. 7 Bonding Oil, a shine-inducing heat protectant that has done wonders for improving my hair health and luster for the past several years. I am constantly heat-styling my hair and this highly concentrated formula, which uses a patented hair cuticle-bonding system, has minimized the damage my curling iron and blow dryer would otherwise leave behind. I love how soft and manageable it leaves my tresses without being overly heavy or looking greasy like other styling oils I’ve tried. I also feel like it’s allowed me to go longer in between dye jobs because of its anti-fading UV-protection. I just mix in several drops into a dollop of my Alterna caviar leave-in treatment (another Prime purchase on my list) then apply it to damp hair before blow drying, or whenever my hair needs a bit of taming in between washes." — Flores
Black + Decker cordless handheld Dustbuster (10% off)
“I don't think I need to explain to any parent of young kids why this will be such a sanity-saving implement, but: I am so excited to hit 'Buy It Now' on this Dustbuster today. One of my strongest childhood memories is of my mom following me and my siblings around with the off-white ’80s version of this classic appliance, and I looking forward to continuing this tradition with my own children. (One reviewer claimed that they were still using a 25-year-old model of this device.) This updated version is equipped with a wide mouth and a roomy translucent dirt canister, and it comes with three different attachments for tackling all types of messes.” — Emily Ruane, shopping managing editor
A standalone turntable with Bluetooth connection (15% off)
“I'll admit that this a pretty specific recommendation, but hear me out: I have piles of vinyl collecting dust in my basement and an old-school record player-and-receiver combination that I have neither the time or the knowledge to properly set up. (Nor the space, for that matter.) But a standalone turntable that also functions as a Bluetooth speaker with decent reviews for way less than $40? I know the audiophiles out there are probably tearing their hair out at this suggestion, but as one reviewer put it, ‘it’s a decent pick for those starting the vinyl obsession, as well as those experienced that just want a cheap table for a spare room.’ It plays records at three speeds (33, 45 and 78 RPM) and has the option to plug into external speaker if you'd like to further customize your sonic experience.” — Ruane
Zojirushi NS-LGC05XB Micom rice cooker (33% off)
“My family has been hemming and hawing about getting a rice cooker for ages. Professional chefs swear by them, and our kids eat a ton of rice, so it feels like a worthwhile splurge. This highly-rated Zojirushi model was previously recommended to HuffPost by Taka Sakaeda, chef-partner of Nami Nori in New York City, and it has a near-perfect 4.8-star rating on Amazon. It has presets for white rice, sushi rice, brown rice, long grain white rice, and even steel cut oatmeal; and the bottom, side and lid are all heated for super even cooking.” — Ruane
Solo Stove Bonfire 2.0 smokeless fire pit (28% off)
“My family is spending a lot more time in the backyard this summer and I am desperate to host a firelit s'mores night ASAP. However, we have a cement backyard and are in close quarters with our neighbors, so I'm conscious of both fire safety and the potential for smokey fumes to go wafting into other yards. Plus, I have little kids, so after doing a fair amount of research I’ve decided that a self-contained smokeless firepit is probably the safest and least neighbor-offending option for my family. If you've looked into products like these then you're probably also aware that this model from Solo Stove is one of the highest-rated options, and based on what we've seen this year, it's only been on sale for a day or two intermittently since the beginning of the year.” — Ruane
An instant film value pack (16% off)
“While the discount on this isn’t huge, as an Instax enthusiast I was pretty psyched to see such an enormous pack of instant film on sale today. I like Polaroids for my kids especially because it offers the immediate gratification of a camera-phone pic without the screen time. I love the idea of buying this box for a wedding or a family reunion and just letting everyone go to town with a camera. It comes with 120 photos, which one reviewer calculated comes out to $1.50 per photo — and now it’s even less with the Prime Day discount.” — Ruane
Sun Bum Original SPF 50 sunscreen (20% off)
“Sunscreen consumption is at an all-time high in my household right now, so I'll be stocking up on Prime Day. This SPF 50 formula from Sun Bum is a classic, and it’s Hawaii Act 104 reef compliant — a designation meaning that it’s free from oxybenzone and octinoxate. Reviewers like that it’s gentle on kids with sensitive skin. I’ve been using this brand on my kids for a few summers now and we go through so much of it.” — Ruane
Crest 3D Whitestrips Professional Effects dental whitening kit (35% off)
“I hate spending money on products that'll aren't fun, which is why I wait until Prime Day every year to buy Crest Whitestrips. Sure, they're worth the full $46 price tag if I want to whiten my decrepit, yellowing, coffee-stained teeth. But I feel much better about buying them on a massive discount like this one. This kit contains 44 strips (which is enough for 22 full-mouth treatments), including two special 1-hour express treatments. And frankly, these strips work just as well as the in-office dental whitening I tried once, which cost hundreds of dollars. Never again!” – Kristen Aiken, head of HuffPost Life and Commerce
Mighty Patch hydrocolloid pimple patches (30% off)
“Being an adult does not, unfortunately, make you immune to getting giant zits. I heard about Mighty Patch from a popular shopping blog and they seemed to have a cult following, so I gave them a shot. I'm glad I did. Now, at the first sign of feeling a big volcano rearing up on my face, I pop one of these over freshly cleaned skin and it a) keeps me from touching my skin all day, b) protects my skin from attracting additional bacteria, and c) speeds up and minimizes the entire lifespan of the zit. I wish these existed when I was a teenager. This deal includes a 72-pack!” – Aiken
Elemis Pro-Collagen cleansing balm (25% off)
“There are few things I'm willing to spend money on that I immediately wash off my face, but this is one of them. This cleansing balm goes on your face dry, and as you massage it into your skin it melts off all signs of makeup and dirt. And if you like to give yourself facial massage (whether it's with gua sha, your hands or other apparatus), this is the perfect vehicle for smoothly gliding over your skin without friction. I'm prone to breakouts and I haven't had a single problem with this product. I've bought it for my mom and it works well for her 72-year-old skin, too. (And it's heaven if, like me, you have perpetually dry skin.)” – Aiken
Vital Proteins collagen peptide supplement (36% off)
"I work out a ton and eat a nutritious diet, but it's still impossible for me to get the recommended daily amount of protein. One serving of this contains 18 grams of protein, and because it's unflavored, it doesn't contain any weird artificial sweeteners that make my smoothie taste bad (I just pop it in a blender with ice, water and berries). I think most people probably buy this for its purported hair, skin and nail benefits, but honestly I just treat this as a straight-up protein powder. I use a tub every month, so I'll be stocking up on this big deal!" — Aiken
Bronax pillow slides (43% off)
“These slides were my go-to house shoes when I was training for a half marathon. While they alone didn’t eliminate the aches and pains that came from long runs, they still were very comfortable and supportive for my poor, battered pancake feet. (Podiatrists stress that walking around barefoot is probably the worst thing I could do as someone with flat feet.) They come in a host of different colors and are pretty durable. I now have a pair for indoors and a pair that I wear in the yard.” — Lindsay Holmes, senior Life editor
Theragun Mini massage tool (26% off)
“My sister-in-law gifted this precious yet torturous device to us for Christmas a few years ago and it’s one of the best items we have ever received. Soreness is no match for this percussion massager, which targets deep areas that you may otherwise not reach with a traditional foam roller. I use this religiously the day after running or lifting weights (it hurts so good), as well as for the knots in my shoulder blades or when my back aches. You don't need to be an avid-gym goer to benefit from it. Add it to your cart while it’s on sale.” — Holmes
Allwei 300-watt portable power station (50% off)
"Allwei isn't kidding around with the discount on their 300-watt portable power station: It's a whopping 50% off this Prime Day, so I just bought one for my parents in case they loser power in a hurricane this summer. Much like a Jackery, this has an LCD screen, two AC outputs, a DC 12-volt output, two USB ports and one USB-C port, but it's also got three DC1 ports and a three-level LED light on the side to provide illumination. It can charge a phone 26 times or a laptop 7 times before it needs to be recharged by car, wall outlet or solar panels that are sold separately. It'll bring me so much peace of mind to know they'll be able to keep their electronics charged in an emergency." — Campbell
A set of four pretty pasta bowls (20% off)
"Sometimes I dislike using my regular cereal bowls for certain meals that would be better served in a wider, shallower bowl. So I've been wanting a set of pasta bowls for a while, but was finding it hard to justify buying extra bowls when I already own plenty of regular-shaped ones. But now that these white porcelain pasta bowls are under $20 for Prime Day, I'm gonna snag 'em and regret nothing as I eat better (and more aesthetically pleasing) meals for the rest of the my life. They are on sale in sets of four in sizes of 30, 38 and 45 ounces, so you find the perfect ones for you." — Campbell
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