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We talked to former couples who live together after divorce, like former New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and his wife, Chirlane McCray, say they plan to do.
“Imagine having tiny hands tugging at your clothes, clinging to your legs, lifting up your shirt, and constantly wanting to be held. It can be overwhelming," one mom said.
“We have decided to end our marriage with love, respect and dignity for our children,” the singer and painter announced in a joint statement.
"It was a recurring motif in my life where I cast myself as a supporting character in the narratives of creative, charismatic, misunderstood men."
From Rickie Vasquez to Denise Huxtable, these are the TV and film characters who helped people realize they were queer.
“One of the things we’re saying to the world is we don’t need to possess each other,” the former New York City mayor told the New York Times.
The former Danity Kane singer claimed Trump Jr. seemed “very comfortable” and “totally chill” in a place where “everybody was in a G-string or less.”
If you lose feelings when someone returns your romantic interest, it might boil down to your attachment style.
"If my wife and I start a movie after 8PM it becomes a two night mini-series."
"My son saw his medicine said shake well before using so he shook his whole body and damn that apple never even fell from the tree."
The "Family Reunion" actor announced her split from fellow actor Cory Hardrict in October, after 14 years of marriage.
Family law attorneys try to avoid these behaviors with their own spouses.
The star said during a podcast appearance that starting medication was the “greatest decision ever."