We believe deeply in regenerative agriculture – in reducing waste – and thoughtfully preserving our natural resources. For us, “sustainability” is a practice of meaningful actions – a growing list of specific ways that we strive to improve the land, air, and water around us. 

Regenerate and improve the land and intricate ecosystem that feeds us.

  1. No-till farming methods. Minimizing tillage accomplishes so many goals. It reduces soil compaction, which gives next years’ popcorn roots air breathe. No-till farming also reduces the number of passes through a field thereby reducing carbon emissions, encouraging microbiological soil development, and preserving valuable topsoil from erosion.
  2. Synthetic chemical reduction. We save valuable resources by gathering samples of the soil to more deeply understand which nutrients are missing. With that information, we are able to use precision GPS monitored applications of fertilizers and use pesticides and herbicides only as needed to control crop issues. We are also testing new technology with nitrogen uptake enhancing microbes to reduce or eliminate synthetic nitrogen enrichment and result in cleaner air and water for our communities.
  3. Wise water usage. Water is our most important natural resource, and we are fortunate that most of our popcorn farms have access to abundant water supplies. Our farmers work to use variable speed pivot technology and high-tech crop sensors to ensure our popcorn has plenty of water to grow a high-quality crop, without overusing our precious resources.
  4. Organic farming. Preferred Popcorn is a leading organic popcorn producer in the United States. We love to talk about composting, cover crops, mineral applications, and weed-burning implements to produce high-quality organic popcorn – every year. Innovation in the organic world is constant, and we are learning and growing every year in our understanding of the effective organic practice.

Support our pollinator populations.

Pollinators play a critical role in our food world, and we are committed to doing all we can to encourage pollinator-friendly farming practices, including leaving neonicotinoid grain protectants off our popcorn seeds.

Utilize post-consumer recycled packaging materials.

We are beginning to roll out packaging that utilizes post-consumer recycled plastic and is itself recyclable. We are determined to lead the way in recycling and re-using our resources in safe and effective ways.