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The latest epic in the Tom Cruise-led action franchise rightly challenges the phenomenon of artificial intelligence and how it impacts our lives.
One fan called finally seeing the actor sport the classic yellow and blue suit “a dream come true.”
The actor, who plays Ken in the film, said the 'Barbie' star donated the money to charity.
The Season 10 winner will take the helm of Bravo's long-running cooking show next year.
Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda were actually the awful ones.
“It is my fault that nobody knows how it’s actually pronounced,” the “Twilight” star explained.
The "Dune" and "Call Me by Your Name" actor takes on the role of eccentric chocolatier Willy Wonka in the musical film, due out Dec. 15.
The line didn't make it into the final cut of "Barbie," but it sealed the deal for the former "Saturday Night Live" star.
The Marvel star said Tom Cruise knew just the thing when she was experiencing exhaustion while shooting one of the film's wild sequences.
“Pitt is an actor, not a winemaker,” read a new court filing against the actor. “He deals in illusions, not dirt and grapes.”